The following are the policies, consents, and forms that are used by Blossoming Mamas. Please note you can sign acknowledgement of receipt and understanding of these policies, consents, & forms on your electronic health record (EHR) after signing up for your appointment. Please make sure to thoroughly review our Office Policies, Procedures, & Consent to Treat, Telemedicine Consent, Privacy Policy, and Credit Card Policy to ensure that you understand our policies and procedures prior to completing our intake forms and questionnaires in the EHR. These policies, consents, and forms may be updated or changed from time to time, and you can find the most recent documents uploaded to this page. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these documents, please feel free to Contact Us prior to your appointment so we can address them.

Policies & Consents

  1. Office Policies & Procedures & Telemedicine Consent
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices
  3. Credit Card Policy
  4. Consent for Communication

Optional Forms

  1. Records Request

Policies, Consents, & Forms Reviewed October 2021.