We bring lactation counseling and perinatal support to you!

Through our telemedicine physician visits, we hope to empower you to have the birth and postpartum experience you want while creating a happy, positive experience as you grow in to parenthood. Every parent and baby is unique and beautiful – we believe that you deserve individualized care plans based on what will work for your family and are here to help you as you welcome your little one home.

We offer Telemedicine visits with Dr. Nithya Natrajan for lactation counseling and perinatal support during prenatal lactation consultations, lactation and latch assessment, breastfeeding medicine evaluations, and postpartum support for patients located in South Carolina and Georgia. We also offer pregnancy loss and infertility support consultations.

You can learn more about breastfeeding and how Blossoming Mamas started through our Facebook, Instagram, and Blog. Posts may include general information about pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, lactation, infertility, infant and pregnancy loss, and other topics. This is not individualized advice. You should discuss your plans with a healthcare provider who knows you and your family to help you navigate your choices and create a plan that will ensure you and your baby are as healthy and happy as possible.

If you are interested in a one on one consultation with individualized care plans and care coordination, take a look at Our Services to learn more about our pregnancy loss, lactation counseling, and perinatal support services.

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